We are a
web and mobile application
development company

We design, develop, and maintain websites, web applications, progressive web applications, and mobile applications for businesses and entrepreneurs. Our products are efficient, optimized for search engines, and accessible for users with disabilities.

One desktop, one iPad, one cell phone, one keyboard.

Our Mission

To create high-quality, efficient, accessible, and optimized websites, web applications, and mobile applications that will not only help our customers achieve a competitive advantage, but also improve the lives of their own customers.

Our Vision

To become the market leader in the development of web and mobile software solutions aimed at improving the life of other people.

Our Values


Doing the right thing is at the core of what we believe. It guides the development of our products and the interactions with our clients.


We strive to create products that meet the highest standards of quality.


We put our hearts into what we do. It is the only way to create something worthwhile.

Hard Work

We do everything in our power to ensure that your project is done exactly how you want it.


Forming a strong partnership with our clients enables us to not only develop a better product, but also to contribute to our clients’ success.


We demonstrate high regard for our clients, one another, partners, and other entities.

Constant Learning

We constantly look for experiences that allow us to learn new things so we can better serve our clients. Every experience counts.


We want our products and services to have a significant and positive impact in the lives of the people and the companies we serve.

Our Founder

Darley Giraldo

Darley is web developer with a Master’s Degree in computer information systems from Boston University. He is very passionate about web and mobile development and has been learning about it for over a decade.

His passion for the field began around 2010 when he started an internet business. Without much knowledge about programming he decided to hire a local web development company to bring his vision to life. Unfortunately, this company left him with an unfinished product and thousands of dollars in losses. This motivated him to start learning about programming on his own. He fell in love with web development and learned enough to start freelancing in the industry, creating websites for small companies, friends, and family.

In 2015, Darley decided to pursue his Master’s Degree in computer information systems with an emphasis on web application development at Boston University. After graduation he continued freelancing and has been doing it since then.

In 2019, Darley decided to start Premium Web Tech, INC. to provide a quality experience so other consumers would not have to face the same challenges he faced.

In addition to being a web developer, Darley is also a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Illinois. He has been a therapist for over a decade.

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